Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection molding is a method of producing shapes for industrial products. Products usually use rubber injection molding and plastic injection molding. Injection molding can also be divided into injection molding and die-casting. Injection molding machine (referred to as injection machine or injection molding machine) is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into plastic products of various shapes using plastic molds. Injection molding is achieved through an injection molding machine and a mold. GPM provides you with high-quality injection molding processing services. Our injection molding processing services are widely used in various industries, such as automotive parts, home appliances, electronic products, medical devices, etc.


Mold Manufacturing

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products, and it is also a tool for giving plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. Advantages of GPM injection mold technology:
Rich experience in design and manufacturing, we are able to produce high-precision, high-quality, and high-performance plastic products.
Long service life, can ensure that plastic products will not suffer from deformation, cracks and other problems during use.
Wide range of applications ,can produce various types of plastic products.

Injection molding

The principle of injection molding is to add granular or powdery raw materials into the hopper of the injection machine. The raw materials are heated and melted into a fluid state. Pushed by the screw or piston of the injection machine, they enter the mold cavity through the nozzle and the mold's gating system. Hardened and formed in the mold cavity.

Injection molding technology can bring you the following benefits:

Complex geometries: By using multiple molds, injection molding can achieve very complex and detailed geometries.

High precision: Injection molding is capable of producing high-precision parts, with tolerances typically within ±0.1 mm.

High production efficiency: Our injection molding equipment uses automated operations to produce large quantities of parts faster.

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Two-color injection molding

Two-color injection molding refers to a molding method in which two plastics of different colors are injected into the same mold. It can make plastic appear two different colors, and can make plastic parts present regular patterns or irregular moiré-like colors to improve the usability and aesthetics of plastic parts.

Two-color injection molding process can bring you the following benefits:

Increase product design flexibility: Two-color injection molding can integrate multiple functions into one plastic part, which can save design space and reduce the number of parts.

Improve product performance: Two-color injection molding can achieve a combination of different materials, thereby improving product performance. For example, in the automotive industry, two-color injection molding technology has been widely used to produce stronger and more durable parts.

Insert injection molding

Insert molding refers to a molding method in which pre-prepared inserts of different materials are installed into the mold and then resin is injected. The molten material joins and solidifies with the insert to form an integrated product.

The insert molding process can bring you the following benefits:

Reduce costs: Insert molding eliminates post-molding assembly and separate parts installation. Eliminating these processes not only reduces costs but also reduces motion waste while saving production time.

Reduced size and weight: Insert molding eliminates the need for connectors and fasteners, providing lighter weight and smaller components.

Increased design flexibility: Insert molding allows for an unlimited number of configurations, and it enables designers to incorporate properties into plastic parts that make them stronger than traditional parts.

Improved design reliability: Because the thermoplastic holds the insert firmly, there is little risk of parts coming loose, increasing design and component reliability.

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Options for Injection molding material









●  POM

●  PA66

●  PPS



Why choose GPM for Injection molding ?


We optimize the process parameters of the injection molding machine based on customer needs and reasonably set the injection speed, holding time, melting temperature and other process parameters to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of injection molding.

Mold Manufacturing

We use advanced mold design software to improve mold design efficiency, reduce design errors, and shorten mold manufacturing cycles. Optimize production processes, reduce waste in the production process, and improve production efficiency.


We implement quality inspection and comprehensive quality management to ensure the quality of raw materials, molds, and the normal operation of equipment, thereby ensuring the stability and processing accuracy of products.


Customized production can be carried out according to customer needs, and the product forming and processing shapes can be diversified for complex shaped products.