Automatic image measurement equipment

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The machine is used for two-dimensional plane measurementsuitable in aerospace, automotive engines,semiconductors, chips, precision electronics and other high-end manufacturing industries.

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Main advantage

1. Obtained national patents of structure and appearance;

2. Full angle lifting light source, no dead angle lighting;

3. High-speed mute and stable mode can achieve stable ultra-high precision measurement.

Basic equipment parameters

1. CCD: 1 / 2 high-definition digital CCD; 2 million pixels ( color optional )

2. Lens: 0.7-4.5X auto zoom lens

3. Magnification: Video Magnification: 21-115X ( 22-inch display )

4. Working distance: 90mm

5. Raster resolution: 0.0001mm

6. Measurement accuracy ( μm ): x.y linear accuracy: 1.6 + L / 250; x-y vector accuracy: 2 + L / 200; z axis accuracy: ≤ 2.8 + L / 200

7. Illumination light source: three ring eight area surface inner ring light + coaxial falling light + lifting three ring eight area outer ring light + tracking step parallel and diffuse light

8. Working power supply: 220 ± 10 % ( AC ) 50Hz ( note: resistance ≤ 4Ωgrounding line )

9. Working environment: humidity: 18-24 degrees relative humidity: 30-75 %, away from the source

Working Principle

The image measuring instrument is an artificial intelligence technology based on machine vision, such as automatic edge extraction, automatic matching, automatic focusing, measurement synthesis and image synthesis. It has the functions of automatic measurement, CNC automatic measurement, automatic learning batch measurement, image map target guidance, full-field eagle-eye amplification and other excellent functions. At the same time, the automatic focusing process based on machine vision and micron precision control can meet the needs of auxiliary measurement under clear images, and the contact probe can also be added to complete the coordinate measurement.

Software Introduction

Gview DMIS supports the application of various types of sensor systems,including : coaxial navigation, contact probe, point laser, line laser, lifting lamp, etc.

1.The software supports one-click modeling, which has the function of quickly extracting the contour of the workpiece and improving the programming efficiency.

2.The software has a bird 's eye view, which is convenient for programming measurement ;

3.The instrument is equipped with a surface light source, and the light source can be controlled in different zones, which can measure the surface size of the product and detect the surface defects ;

4.The industry 's original super-strong algorithm, the workpiece arbitrary reproduction accuracy is within 0.005 mm ;

5.With a series of functions of the imager, such as : DXF export and import, custom reports, two-dimensional size measurement, etc. ;

6.Innovative contour comparison function, for unconventional size can also be measured ;

7. It has the function of recognition and measurement, such as : two-dimensional code recognition, character incomplete, product reverse and so on.

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