Catering intelligent storage equipment

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The equipment is used in restaurants for automatic dishes distribution.

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Main advantage

1. Improve efficiency by quickly distribution according to orders linking with the self-service ordering system

2. According to the input and output of dishes, the information of dishes is read automatically and managed intelligently.

3. It has the function of identifying and screening expired and temporary dishes in inventory.

4. With six display screens, the information can be clearly viewed.

5. Numbert of equipment modularization can be customized.

Basic equipment parameters

1. The longest time of take-up is 14s.

2. Using high frequency RFID reader

3. Using first-tier brandsafety PLC and R series PLC

4. The overall level of the equipment is guaranteed to be about 0.1 °.

5. The inclination angle of the slide is about 5 ° to ensure the smooth decline of the dish.

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