Automobile motor magnet assembly line

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The equipment is applied to the assembly, detection and handling of automobile motor magnets.

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Main advantage

1. The equipment uses multiple 6-axis robots for handling operations with automatically loading and unloading ;

2. The single-layer mover is assembled with 26 magnets, multiple stations are carried out simultaneously to improve the working ability and CT ;

3. With foam heating and cooling pipeline, temperature control is guaranteed at + -2 °, to ensure the quality of production products

4. The backflow function of fixtures can improve line efficiency;

5. The height detection function after finished product ensure the production specifications and quality

Basic equipment parameters

1. Using high-precision 6-axis robot ( repeating position accuracy + -0.02mm )

2. Heating tunnel furnace temperature accuracy ( + -2 ° )

3. With production data uploading function and OK2connect to MES

4. Product CT: 600PCS / H

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