Automatic X-Ray inspection machine

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The machine is uesd for the distance detection for square lithium battery with aluminum/steel shell , and automatic analysis of products quality.

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Main advantage

1. Automatically determining the products with software and sorting of defective products;

2. Automatic determination, reduce error, improve product consistency and quality assurance;

3. The function of scanning helps to record battery code and track battery detection results by uploading data to the terminal server;

4. Self-developmented software can be customized;

5. The inlet and outlet of equipment can be connecting with the production line;

6. It is easy for change debugging for different types of product;

7. The machine has a safe interlock function. Once the door and window are opened, the X-ray tube is automatically powered off immediately to prevent personnel from misoperation.

Basic equipment parameters

1. Repeated measurement accuracy: 60um

2. Overkill rate : less than or equal to 2 %

3. Omission rate : 0 %

Software Introduction

1.The software is completely independent research and development, with completely independent intellectual property rights ;

2.The software functions and algorithms can be customized according to customer needs ;

3.The strong image processing capabilities;

4.The software loads the preprocessing function, through the powerful algorithm, can generate the most suitable detection image, and effectively improve the detection stability, reduce the invalid operation caused by error detection ;

5.The image enhancement can improve the clarity and contrast of the image, the image is clearer, the boundary is clearer, and the stability and accuracy of the detection are higher.

Software Functions

1.Automatically measure the alignment of the positive and negative plates of the battery, and count the maximum value, minimum value, mean value, positive and negative difference ;

2.Automatic judgment of good and bad products, automatic sorting of bad products ;

3.Scan code function, record battery code, track battery test results one by one and upload them to the terminal server.

4.Software and EXCEL / WORD seamless docking, can realize the measurement data in the form of report directly output ;

5.Automatic tolerance output and automatic discrimination function, can be in the form of color, sound, marking and other unqualified size alarm ;

6, a variety of pattern mode processing, the same kind of graphics in different forms, suitable for various situations of work measurement ;

7. Powerful description function, through automatic sub-pixel capture and software regional automatic capture can make the detection faster, more accurate measurement ;

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