What is a laser gyroscope and what is it used for?

With the development of modern science and technology, the types of industries are becoming more and more diverse. The old terms of mechanics, electronics, chemical industry, aviation, spaceflight, and weapons no longer make much sense. Most modern equipment is a complex mechatronic product, which requires a comprehensive coordination of mechanical, electronic, chemical, pneumatic and materials disciplines to succeed. In complex sea, land, air, air and other equipment, gyroscope has always been one of the core components of national defense equipment!

Laser gyroscope is an instrument that can accurately determine the orientation of moving objects. It is an inertial navigation instrument widely used in modern aerospace, aviation, navigation and defense industries. The development of high technology is of great strategic significance.

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Traditional gyroscope:

The traditional inertial gyroscope mainly refers to the mechanical gyroscope. The mechanical gyroscope has high requirements on the process structure. Due to its complex structure, its accuracy is restricted in many aspects.

Laser Gyroscope:

The design of the laser gyroscope avoids the problem of limited accuracy caused by the complex structure of the mechanical gyroscope.

Because the laser gyroscope has no rotating rotor parts, no angular momentum, and no direction ring frame, frame servo mechanism, rotating bearings, The conductive ring, torquer and angle sensor and other moving parts have simple structure, long working life, convenient maintenance and high reliability. The average trouble-free working time of the laser gyroscope has reached more than 90,000 hours.

The optical loop of the laser gyroscope is actually an optical oscillator. According to the shape of the optical cavity, there are triangular gyroscopes and square gyroscopes. The cavity structure has two types: component type and integral type.

The structure of a typical laser gyro is as follows:

Its base is a triangular ceramic glass with a low expansion coefficient, on which an equilateral triangular optical cavity is processed. The gyroscope is composed of such a closed triangular optical cavity. The length of the triangle is installed on the output reflection at each corner. Mirror, control mirror and polarizer mirror are defined, and a plasma tube filled with low-pressure helium-neon mixture gas is installed on one side of the triangle.

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As modern defense and aerospace equipment focuses on long range, high speed and high overload, high precision measurement equipment is required. Therefore, the whole world is working hard on gyroscopes, and various types of gyroscopes have been developed. Few people know that without high-precision gyroscopes, submarines cannot go to sea, bombers cannot take off, and fighter jets can only hover for dozens of kilometers above the coastline. In recent years, global navies and air forces have made big strides toward the ocean. The advanced gyroscope played a decisive role.

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The biggest advantage of the gyroscope is its infinite anti-interference ability. So far, there has been no way to interfere with the work of the gyroscope from long distances. In addition, laser gyroscopes can be used underground, underwater and in enclosed spaces. This is something that no satellite navigation instrument can do, and it is also one of the key disciplines of continuous research in countries around the world.

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