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CNC Machining Service

GPM is a professional precision machining service provider. We have advanced mechanical processing equipment and skilled engineers to provide customers with high-quality processing services. No metter prototype or full-scale production, we can provide process services includes various machining methods such as milling, turning, drilling, and grinding to meet the different needs of customers. We pay attention to quality and efficiency, and guarantee to provide customers with high-quality products and services in the shortest possible time.

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CNC Milling

3-axis, 4-axis, 5-axis machining

CNC milling can help you to achieve high precision, high efficiency and repetitive processing, and can handle various complex shapes, large and small workpieces to reduce manual operations, improve production efficiency and quality, reduce production cycles and manufacturing costs.

Machine Name Brand Place Of Origin Maximum Machining Stroke (mm) Quantity Precision (mm)
Five-Axis Okuma Japan 400X400X350 8 ±0.003-0.005
Five-Axis High-Speed Jing Diao China 500X280X300 1 ±0.003-0.005
Four Axis Horizontal Okuma Japan 400X400X350 2 ±0.003-0.005
Four Axis Vertical Mazak/Brother Japan 400X250X250 32 ±0.003-0.005
Gantry Machining Taikan China 3200X1800X850 6 ±0.003-0.005
High Speed Drilling Machining Brother Japan 3200X1800X850 33 -
Three Axis Mazak/Prefect-Jet Japan/China 1000X500X500 48 ±0.003-0.005
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CNC Turning

CNC lathe, core walking, cutter machine

CNC Turning is widely used in the processing of workpieces in the fields of automobiles, machinery, aviation and aerospace. In the discrete manufacturing industry, CNC Turning is one of the key technologies to help you to achieve high-volume, high-precision processing.

Machine Type Machine Name Brand Place Of Origin Maximum Machining Stroke (mm) Quantity Precision (mm)
CNC Turning Core Walking Citizen/Star Japan Ø25X205 8 ±0.002-0.005
Knife Feeder Miyano/Takisawa Japan/Taiwan, China Ø108X200 8 ±0.002-0.005
CNC Lathe Okuma/Tsugami Japan/Taiwan, China Ø350X600 35 ±0.002-0.005
Vertical Lath Goodway Taiwan, China Ø780X550 1 ±0.003-0.005
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Grinding & Wire Cutting

Improving the machining accuracy and quality

Precision machining auxiliary technology, such as grinding and wire cutting,  can provide more precise machining tools and methods, which can control errors during the machining process, thereby improving the machining accuracy and quality of parts by more diversified processing methods and technologies. It can process parts of various shapes and materials, and also expand processing capacity and scope.

Machine Type Machine Name Brand Place Of Origin Maximum Machining Stroke (mm) Quantity Precision (mm)
CNC Grinding Big Water Mill Kent Taiwan, China 1000X2000X5000 6 ±0.01-0.03
Plane Grinding Seedtec Japan 400X150X300 22 ±0.005-0.02
Internal And External Grinding SPS China Ø200X1000 5 ±0.005-0.02
Precision Wire Cutting Precision Jogging Wire Agie Charmilles Switzerland 200X100X100 3 ±0.003-0.005
EDM-Processes Top-Edm Taiwan, China 400X250X300 3 ±0.005-0.01
Wire Cutting Sandu/Rijum China 400X300X300 25 ±0.01-0.02
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Diversified  CNC processing materials

● Aluminum alloy: A6061, A5052, A7075, A2024, A6063 etc.

● Stainless steel: SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L, SUS420, SUS430, SUS301, etc.

● Carbon steel: 20#, 45#, etc.

● Copper alloy: H59, H62, T2, TU12, Qsn-6-6-3, C17200, etc.

● Tungsten steel: YG3X, YG6, YG8, YG15, YG20C, YG25C, etc.

● Polymer material: PVDF, PP, PVC, PTFE, PFA, FEP, ETFE, EFEP, CPT, PCTFE, PEEK, etc.

● Composite materials: carbon fiber composite materials, glass fiber composite materials, ceramic composite materials, etc.


Flexibly finishes process on request

● Plating: Galvanized, gold Plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, zinc nickel alloy, titanium plating, Ion plating, etc.

● Anodized: Hard oxidation, clear anodized, color anodized, etc.

● Coating: Hydrophilic coating, hydrophobic coating, vacuum coating, diamond like carbon(DLC), PVD (golden TiN,  black:TiC, silver: CrN).

● Polishing: Mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing and nano polishing.

Other custom processing and finishes on request.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Vacuum quenching: The part is heated in vacuum and then cooled by gas in the cooling chamber. Neutral gas was used for gas quenching, and pure nitrogen was used for liquid quenching.

Pressure relief: By heating the material to a certain temperature and holding it for a period of time, the residual stress inside the material can be eliminated.

Carbonitriding: Carbonitriding refers to the process of infiltrating carbon and nitrogen into the surface layer of steel, which can improve the hardness, strength, wear resistance and anti-seizure of steel.

Cryogenic treatment: The liquid nitrogen is used as the refrigerant to treat the material below-130 °C, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the material properties.

Quality Control

Target: Zero defects

Parts process flow & quality control procedure:

1. Document control team manage all the drawings to guarantee the security of customer confidential information, and keep the record traceable.

2. Contract review, order review and process review to ensure fully understand client's requirement.

3. ECN control, ERP bar-code (related to worker, drawing, material and all process). Implement SPC, MSA, FMEA and others control system.

4. Implement IQC,IPQC,OQC.

Quality  Control-01
Machine Type Machine Name Brand Place Of Origin Quantity Precision(mm)
Quality Inspection Machine Three Coordinates Wenzel Germany 5 0.003mm
Zeiss Contura Germany 1 1.8um
Image Measuring Instrument Good Vision China 18 0.005mm
Altimeter Mitutoyo/Tesa Japan/Switzerland 26 ±0.001 -0.005mm
Spectrum Analyzer Spectro Germany 1 -
Roughness Tester Mitutoyo Japan 1 -
Electroplating Film Thickness Meter - Japan 1 -
Micrometer Caliper Mitutoyo Japan 500+ 0.001mm/0.01mm
Ring Gauge Needle Gauge Nagoya/Chengdu Measuring Tool Japan/China 500+ 0.001mm

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Machining Process Flow

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