GPM Winter Solstice dumpling making activity was successfully held

In order to inherit traditional Chinese culture and enhance friendship and team cohesion among employees, GPM held a unique dumpling-making activity for employees on the Winter Solstice. This event attracted the active participation of a large number of employees, and everyone spent a warm and meaningful winter solstice together with laughter and laughter.

The canteen of GPM was decorated with joy and full of festive atmosphere. The employees were divided into several groups, and each group had its own "dumpling master" who led the team members to make dumplings together. Under the guidance of the "master", the employees demonstrated their skills one after another. Some dumplings were regular in shape. Some dumplings were unique and caused bursts of laughter.

After making the dumplings, the employees tasted the fresh and delicious Winter Solstice Reunion Dumplings in the canteen. Employees who participated in this activity said that such activities can not only relax and feel the warmth of "home" during busy work, but can also enhance team cohesion and improve employees' sense of belonging.

GPM Winter Solstice dumpling making activity

GPM has always adhered to the concept of "talent is the company's most important asset" and is committed to providing employees with a good working environment and development opportunities. This winter solstice dumpling-making activity is undoubtedly a vivid embodiment of this concept. It not only allows employees to feel the charm of traditional culture, but also enhances team cohesion. The company will continue to hold more meaningful activities like this in the future, so that employees can enjoy the fun of life while working hard, creating a harmonious and positive working atmosphere for the company, and also promoting teamwork among employees. The spirit breathes new life into it.

Post time: Dec-23-2023