Motor case/Aerospace equipment precision part

Short Description:

  • Part name: Motor case/Aerospace equipment precision part
  • Material: A7050
  • Surface Treament: Anodic oxidation, blackening
  • Main Processing: Turning / Machining Center
  • MOQ: Plan Per Annual Demands and Product Life Time
  • Machining Accuracy: ±0.03mm
  • Key Point: Ensure the consistency of product size and appearance quality
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    Aerospace products have high performance requirements and reliability requirements due to their special use environment. It is common to use special materials such as titanium alloy and composite materials in the process of processing. Most of the aviation parts have complex geometric shapes, high manufacturing accuracy requirements, and high detection standards. The use of these materials has the requirements of aviation design. The aircraft must have high strength and lightweight components. 


    The precision parts of aircraft have complex structure, low stiffness and high precision. In the aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used to process precision mechanical parts in aircraft control equipment, such as precision parts in hydraulic and pneumatic servo mechanisms, gyroscope frames, housings, air flotation, liquid floating bearing components and floats.

    Custom Processing of High-precision Machining Parts

    Machinery Process Materials option Surface treatment option
    CNC Milling
    CNC Turning
    CNC Grinding
    Precision Wire Cutting
    Aluminum alloy A6061,A5052,2A17075 , etc. Plating Galvanized, Gold Plating, Nickel Plating, Chrome Plating, Zinc nickel alloy,  Titanium Plating,Ion Plating
    Stainless steel SUS303,SUS304,SUS316,SUS316L,SUS420,SUS430,SUS301,etc. Anodized Hard oxidation ,Clear Anodized,Color Anodized
    Carbon steel 20#、45#,etc. Coating Hydrophilic coating、Hydrophobic coating、Vacuum coating、Diamond Like Carbon(DLC)、PVD (Golden TiN; Black:TiC, Silver:CrN)
    Tungsten steel YG3X,YG6,YG8,YG15,YG20C,YG25C
    Polymer material PVDF、PP、PVC、PTFE、PFA、FEP、ETFE、EFEP、CPT、PCTFE、PEEK Polishing Mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing and nano polishing

    Processing Capacity

    Technology Machine List Service
    CNC Milling
    CNC Turning
    CNC Grinding
    Precision Wire Cutting
    Five-axis Machining
    Four Axis Horizontal
    Four Axis Vertical
    Gantry Machining
    High Speed Drilling Machining
    Three Axis
    Core Walking
    Knife Feeder
    CNC Lathe
    Vertical Lath
    Big Water Mill
    Plane Grinding
    Internal And External Grinding
    Precision jogging wire
    Wire cutting
    Service Scope:Prototype & Mass Production
    Fast Delivery :5-15Days
    Accuracy :100~3μm
    Finishes: Customized for request
    Reliable Quality Control:IQC,IPQC,OQC

    About GPM

    GPM Intelligent Technology(Guangdong) Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, with a registered capital of 68 million yuan, located in the world manufacturing city – Dongguan. With the plant area of 100,000 square meters, 1000+ employees, R&D personnel accounted for more than 30%. We focus on providing precision parts machinery and assembly in precision instruments, optics, robotics, new energy, biomedical, semiconductor, nuclear power, shipbuilding, marine engineering, aerospace and other fields. GPM has also set up an international multilingual industrial service network with a Japanese technology R&D center and sales office, a German sales office.

    GPM has ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF16949 system certification, the title of National high-tech enterprise. Based on the multi-nationality technology management team with an average of 20 years’ experience and high-end hardware equipment, and quality management system implemented, GPM has been continuously trusted and praised by top-tier customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.Can I visit the factory?
    Answer: Our company is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan, the world's manufacturing center. We welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory and discuss cooperation at any time. will make material reserves in advance according to the fluctuation of material prices to maintain the stability of material prices. After your company contacts us and submits drawings and related information, our engineers will give corresponding quotations according to materials and processing requirements.We sincerely invite you to arrange the air ticket as long as possible. When you arrive in China, we will arrange meals, accommodation and other matters for you, and then decide whether to cooperate after the field visit.

    2.What are the company's payment terms?
    Answer: Our payment terms are 50% deposit and the balance shall be paid before shipment.

    3.For the first time, how can I ensure the safety of my prepayment?
    Answer: Credit is our core value, we must 100% guarantees the safety of customers' prepayment.Our company was established in 2004, focusing on high-end precision machining services. Our partners are all over the world, including many top 500 companies in the world.We keep a long-term relationship with all customers.

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