PEI custom injection molding plastic parts

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  • Part name: Custom injection molding plastic parts(PEI)
  • Material: PEI
  • Surface Treament: Testure/Sand/MT/YS/SPI/VDI
  • Main Processing: Injection Molding
  • MOQ: Low MOQ Start 1 Pcs ( No need mold cost ), Many Customers found us make prototype product to save Investment Funds for Pre-R&D and Market Testing.
  • Tolerance: ±0.01mm
  • Key Point: Quick mold making and delivery and strict quality control system.
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    The characteristics of PEI injection molded parts include: high temperature stability. Non-reinforced PEI still has good toughness and strength. Therefore, PEI's superior thermal stability can be used to make high-temperature and heat-resistant devices. PEI also has good flame retardancy, resistance to chemical reactions and electrical insulation properties. The glass transition temperature is very high, reaching 215C. PEI also has very low shrinkage and good isodirectional mechanical properties.


    PEI injection molded parts have a wide range of applications, mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, medical, construction and home furnishing and other fields. For example, PEI material has high mechanical strength and stiffness, low flammability and low smoke generation, thus becoming an ideal material for automotive transmission and lighting systems. In addition, PEI can also be used to manufacture aircraft canopies, lighting equipment, industrial safety baffles and bulletproof glass.

    Custom Processing of High-precision Machining Parts

    Process Materials Surface treatment
    Plastic Injection Molding ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PA(Nylon), PBT, PC, PEEK, PEI, PET, PETG, PP, PPS, PS, PMMA (Acrylic), POM (Acetal/Delrin) Plating, Silk Screen,Laser Marking
    Insert Molding
    Bi-color Injection Molding
    Prototype and full scale production,fast delivery in 5-15Days,reliable quality control with IQC,IPQC,OQC

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1.Question: What is your delivery time?
    Answer: Our delivery time frame will be determined based on the specific needs and requirements of our customers. For urgent orders and expedited processing, we will make every effort to complete processing tasks and deliver products in the shortest possible time. For bulk production, we will provide detailed production plans and progress tracking to ensure on-time delivery of products.

    2.Question: Do you provide after-sales service?
    Answer: Yes, we provide after-sales service. We will provide full technical support and after-sales service, including product installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair, after product sales. We will ensure that customers get the best use experience and product value.

    3.Question: What quality control measures does your company have?
    Answer: We adopt strict quality control systems and processes, from product design, material procurement, processing and production to final product inspection and testing, to ensure that every aspect of the product meets quality standards and requirements. We will also continuously improve our quality control capabilities to meet the increasing quality requirements of our customers. We have ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certifications.

    4.Question: Does your company have environmental protection and safety production capabilities?
    Answer: Yes, we have environmental protection and safety production capabilities. We pay attention to environmental protection and safety production, strictly comply with national and local environmental protection and safety production laws, regulations, and standards, and adopt effective measures and technical means to ensure the effective implementation and control of environmental protection and safety production work.

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